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Welcome To RVK Realty

Built on the rich legacy of real estate development, RVK Realty is all set to change the skyline of Pune with its passion for creating marvels that will stand the testimony of time and quality. Founded by Rohan Kisarkar and Sumedh Kulkarni – enthusiast entrepreneurs, experienced professionals and experts in real estate – RVK Realty has launched its first project ‘Kshitij’ at Karve Road, near Deccan – one of the most sought-after locations in Pune. Thriving amidst the new world shaped by the individuals sharing multitude of views and interests, RVK Realty aims to develop the spaces that represent the aspirations of this new age citizen. The company looks ahead to scale new heights of excellence with strong support from The Construction Group – a renowned real estate company from Pune.

Why We?

Architectural Excellence

In collaboration with the finest professionals in the field, we ensure that our every venture turns out to be an architectural marvel. we are providing the best flats in Karve Nagar Pune.

100% Transparency

Trust is hard to earn and that’s exactly why we are particular about our every commitment and transaction, providing you best houses and flats in Karve Nagar Pune. Transparent deals are the hallmark of RVK Realty.

Thoughtful Design

Concern for our customers begins at the design stage itself. With the attention to the minutes of the details, we make sure that the design transforms into comfortable living for the people who are searching for the flats in Karve Nagar Pune.

Timely delivery

We understand the efforts people put in to buy their own flat in Karve Nagar Pune. The happiness of finally owning a home is incomparable. We know it to the core and that’s why timely delivery is our topmost priority.

Top Notch Construction Quality

Right from a small corner of your home to a grand feature adding value to your living, flats in Karve Nagar Pune with quality and commitment everything that we do.

Innovative Attitude

Going beyond the routine, we strive hard to bring in the fresh outlook on design and development with our focus on innovation which makes us the best flat provider in Pune

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